Laura Camacho

Content Producer, Editor, and Researcher

I'm a content producer and editor, and a researcher with extraordinary internet fact-finding skills. I've been pounding at keyboards since Windows 3.0 was the newest thing, and love the puzzle of turning a SFD into something real and meaningful that effectively reflects your heart, mind, principles, and values.I don't do work that doesn't align with my values. If you are trying to make the world a safer, more equitable place for everyone, and if you know that everyone has pronouns, we'll probably get along. 😉


Substantive editing/Content production - $75/hr
- Working directly with you or your writer to make sure the broader perspective of the piece is coherent throughout.
- Improve organization, structure, and consistency, so that the piece has a logical flow.
- Rewrite/retool existing material for readability.
- Fact check & research
- Keep the voice/tone consistent throughout.
- Assess for AP, APA, or MLA standards.
Content Strategy, Research - $90/hr
- Audit for DE&I values
- Links for the best supporting documents
- Research and report on a subject
- A thoroughly researched progressive Voting Guide for your local election
Talk to me about set rate contracts for recurring projects!

I love the words of Alex Kapitan, Radical Copyeditor, and infuse all my work with this ethos:"I believe that language matters, and that those of us who are working to manifest a better, more just world have a responsibility to use language in ways that describe the world we are working to create, rather than unconsciously perpetuating bias and prejudice."If that resonates, let's work together. I'd love to help you succeed!

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